1.  Hosting the LGBT Center­‐Waikiki


-Providing, maintaining and improving The LGBT Center

-Providing a comprehensive Community Directory including professional resources and referrals

-Expanding the use of The LGBT Center by LGBT groups and organizations

2.  Sponsoring various LGBTQ+ educational, training, social, athletic and cultural events


-Enhancing our social media presence with more interactive engagements, newsletters and communications with LGBT and non­‐LGBT organizations and individuals throughout the state

-Maintaining an LGBT Community Calendar of events

-Organizing and hosting the Honolulu Pride™ Parade and Festival

-Sponsoring the Hawaii Island Pride Parade and Festival in Hilo, Hawaii

-Providing educational and training opportunities (events, speeches, movies, forums, etc.) to the LGBT and greater Hawaii community in furtherance of the Foundation’s mission

-Hosting or sponsoring various social and athletic events for LGBT youth and adults

-Promoting and facilitating activities to unify the LGBT community

-Sponsoring various other LGBT educational, training, social, athletic and cultural events

3.  Supporting long‐term projects to assist the LGBTQ+ community


-Offering a signature multi-­use building to house the LGBT Center, and LGBT organizations and businesses

-Establishing an assisted living home for our LGBT elders

-Assist in establishing an integrated home for LGBT at‐risk youth by collaborating with YO (Youth Outreach) and RYSE (Residential Youth Services & Empowerment) and encouraging others to do so too with referral to their services when indicated

-Providing small college educational grants that support LGBT students

4.  Developing sponsorships, grants and fundraising activities

-Developing and implementing a college education grant program for LGBT students in Hawaii

-Engaging in fundraising activities to support our goals by expanding individual, business and corporate financial support for the Foundation

-Initiating grant requests to support the Foundation’s projects, operations and activities

-Initiating grant requests or seeking private donations for a part‐time or full‐time Executive Director

-Initiating long-­term planning and fundraising activities to develop a multi‐use building for LGBT organizations, a residence for at‐risk LGBT youth, and an assisted living home for LGBT elders