Language Statement

The Hawaiʻi LGBT Legacy Foundation respects the right of all individuals to express themselves in ways most meaningful to them, including their choice of languages, dialects, pronouns, stories and perspectives.

In particular, the Hawaiʻi LGBT Legacy Foundation recognizes the importance of correctly spelling Hawaiian words that use diacritical marks, and, with the exception of the logos and tag lines of our sponsors and partners, we attempt to use them in all of our digital and print graphics, and our video content.

As we revise our current websites, newsletters and other communications channels, and create new content for them, we will work to continue using these markings consistently in all our materials.

Although some platforms may not display them, we hope that our use of diacriticals will encourage technologists to continue to improve all platforms, so that Hawaiian diacritical markings, as well as the special characters of other languages, are displayed correctly.