Honolulu Pride™ 2018 Videos

Please note: the Honolulu Pride™ Parade is a free event for all who want to participate or attend. No one will be charged any fees by the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation although donations are fine and greatly appreciated. Any Parade Entry fee charged for participation in Honolulu Pride™ will be reimbursed upon request.

Mahalo to our sponsors, partners and to members of the community for making and sharing these wonderful 2018 Honolulu Pride videos.

Rainbows Over Waikiki: Lei Magazine’s 2018 Honolulu Pride™ Recap

Sean Tanabe’s Pride Parade Highlights


Dominick Nicholas Valdivia’s Honolulu Pride Edit.

Bank of Hawaii’s 2018 Honolulu Pride™ Sponsor’s Promo

KHON’s stream of the entire 2018 Parade made possible by Alaska Airlines.
Hawaii News Now 2018 Parade live stream sponsored by Alaska Airlines.


Musubi are quintessential Hawaii, and in our version the rainbow holds everything together symbolizing unity through diversity, empowering everyone in our community to grow together. Diversity is one thing we all have in common, so let’s Celebrate the Rainbow!