Honolulu Pride “Aloha With Pride”

“Aloha With Pride: Shaka and Shine” is a special half hour program produced by Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation and Lei for 2020 Honolulu Pride.

The program explores the history of LGBTQ+ culture in Hawaii, profiles trailblazers in the community, and shares diverse voices on what “Aloha, With Pride” truly means. This inspiring and fun local show, hosted by Matt Guevera and Francine Beppu, with various interviews and performances, features the World Premiere of Shaka and Shine, an original song produced by Honolulu Pride and performed by Keilana.

This special program was broadcast on KHON2 and KHII, and live-streamed on KHON2.com, KHON’s Facebook, and KHON’s You Tube.

Shaka And Shine
Let the sun feed you
No worries no care
Let the island breeze breathe you
Let the sand warm your toes
As anything goes
The water so clear
Your truth
Yes it knows
Did you know
You are loved?
Yes you
You are loved
Smile and dance and cross the line
Fabulous you

Shaka and shine
Raise your hearts
Let’s be proud
Raise your hearts
Sing it loud and
Shaka and shine

The palm trees are singing
And the sun
Setting just right
It’s giving you life
Such a colorful journey
And it welcomes us all
Hawaii is calling
Dream big and act bold

Did you know, you are loved?
Yes you, you are loved,
Shine and dance and cross the line
Fabulous you

Who you are and what you do
Is the most real and great
Original you

So, put three down
Keep two up
Just like that

Shaka and shine
Just like that
Shaka and shine