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Mattachine: A Queer Serial | Second Season

August 5

A podcast about the history of the LGBT rights movement before Stonewall will be back for a second season just as Pride Month kicks off around the world. The second season of “Mattachine: A Queer Serial” will premier June 3 with 26 weekly episodes.

As the Bay Area Reporter previously reported, the first season of the podcast by independent genderqueer historian Devlyn Camp came out a few years ago and covered the beginning of the modern LGBT rights movement in the United States, from 1920s Chicago to the McCarthy-era red baiting of LGBT people in government.

The [initial] podcast particularly focused on the Mattachine Society, an organization formed in 1948 to protect the rights of gay men that was founded by the late Harry Hay, an activist who went on to begin the Radical Faeries.

[Producer, writer and host Devlyn] Camp said that this season, which will begin in 1954 and take listeners to the late 1960s, will be “much more intersectional.”

Camp said he hopes the podcast will lead to LGBT people having a greater appreciation of their own history.

“The FBI hunted us, the State Department fired us, police arrested us, and the history books erased us,” Camp said. “This podcast is one of many efforts to reclaim our past and tell the story.”

Excerpted from The Bay Area Reporter “LGBTQ Agenda: Pride Month to see second season of ‘Queer Serial’ podcast.”

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